Hintta school

  • basic education classes 1-6 (children aged 7-12) 
  • full time teachers 25, assisting personnel 3 
  • pupils 392 
  • the main areas of development: joined teaching, flexible education between age groups, using ICT with tablets and mobile devices 
  • We have 3 classes with emphasis on art and we also provide facilities for 1 groups with special education children (with learning and behavioral problems). 
  • Our school was founded 1957 and renovated in 2003 so our learning environment consists of old building and some newer areas like assembly hall. There is a learning center (computer area+ school library) in the middle of our school. 
  • Our school is situated in a suburban area

 ICT implementation in our school 

  • We use digital materials on daily basis for teaching most of school subjects. 
  •  Pupils make music videos, animations, cartoons and learn languages by using ICT. 
  •  Children even use mobile phones for orienteering during physical education lessons and make tutorial videos for example learning gymnastics movements. 
  •  We make sure that basic skills are taught for every pupil.
Hintan koulu
Valjastie 19
90650 Oulu

rehtori Matti Ahola